How Playbook helps organisations to evaluate Blockchain technology?
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How Playbook helps organisations to evaluate Blockchain technology?

It is a well-known fact that everyone is trying to use Blockchain technology beyond the fintech sector. The federal governments too discussed using the application for solutions though not every agency is keen on it. However, the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council took the initiative of drafting a new playbook. The objective is to help different agencies to find out whether the technology would suit them and if so whether they are ready to go ahead with it.

Three Initial Steps

A working group consisting of 102 academic, industry and government professionals were involved in developing the playbook. It laid three initial steps that agencies could make use so that it could be in a position to decide on the usage of Blockchain technology as an appropriate one for their purposes, reported. This included assessment, readiness, and selection.

Every initiative is punctuated with a number of activities. This ranged from management approaches and the acquisition processes. The working group is also planning to add two more to it, i.e., implementation and integration phases, at a later stage. The playbook indicated that more than the technology, it was the changes that mattered the most for organizations to look at Blockchain.  This would not be a surprise to many since several organizations and countries are looking at the technology beyond the fintech sector.

Co-leader of the ACT-IAC working group and VP of Prometheus Computing LLC, Frederic de Vaulx, stated, “The playbook lays out a framework that helps an organization evaluate and develop solutions that can leverage blockchain technology. The [playbook] steps through several phases, and each one is connected by a swing gate, so the organizations can either decide to go through the next phase, stop or go back to the previous phases.”

As far as changes, co-leader of the working group and VP of Macro Solutions, Todd Hager, pointed out that readiness is in respect of the change that the management is really looking at it. The organization should also be ready to take on if the changes suit them. Officials expect the playbook to be updated with input from stakeholders on a continuous basis. As a result, it would become a living document.

Open Source Project

Integrated Award Environment’s acting IT director of the General Services Administration, Andrew Vanjani, indicated as technology is changing, things will also change. He pointed out that the playbook is an open source project and will treat every suggestion, recommendations, and criticism on merit. There are already agencies such as the Treasury Department and GSA that are keen to test Blockchain technology with use cases so that it could scale up their use.

Meanwhile, treasury department officials indicated recently that its five-month proof-of-concept with the help of blockchain technology demonstrated promise. The agency wanted to track physical assets. The working group disclosed that executives would be responsible for tackling challenges in respect of operations and management for use cases. The playbook would only help them to walk through different processes.

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