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Orbitnewscap is a cryptocurrency news portal covering updates, announcements and happenings around everything related to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our focus lies in providing accurate news abstracted from reliable sources and to publish the same in time in order to maintain the relevance of the content. We believe accuracy and relevancy are the two pillars of any news portal.

We cover everything from the market analysis to the comments by market influencers; from the advancements related to the blockchain to release of new ICOs; from policies in various countries to its effect on the market; from ICO scams to exchange thefts. We strive to give unbiased news, analysis and (at some places) opinion. Our content is cross verified from the other sources and reviewed by the experts.

Our team members are experts in their fields. Branching from various streams like technology & blockchain specialists, journalism, content writing, software engineering and digital marketing, our team members leverage our credibility and makes our content reliable. They hold the highest level of integrity, professionalism and independence, and hence it ensures the content is free from any kind bias and unjust influence.

We, at Orbitnewscap, take the quality of content very seriously and have implemented very stringent quality standards which our team members have to comply with. Everyone associated with Orbitnewscap adheres to the ethical standards and makes sure that our content is original and veracious.

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